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Planning a Trip to Sedona? Here is Your Guide

Cathedral Rock is one of the most hiked red rock formations in all of Arizona. Travelers come from all over to see the gorgeous geological formations. Additionally, the city of Sedona that sits surrounded by multiple red rock formations is a popular destination for those seeking a higher power and rejuvenation. Sedona has a lot to offer visitors and should be on your list of must see cities. Book a room at one of the many affordable hotels in Sedona, and discover all this magical city has to offer. 

Getting to Sedona

Sedona Arizona

There is a small airport in Sedona, but unless you plan on flying your private plane or chartering a small jet, you won’t be making a stop here. Instead, you will need to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) and drive the 118 miles to Sedona, or catch the commuter flight from PHX to Flagstaff and drive 30 miles. Most visitors say it is easier, faster, and more enjoyable to drive direct from PHX, as flights to Flagstaff are often delayed and the 30 mile drive from Flagstaff will take almost an hour to make.

Best Places to Stay

Nature in Sedona Arizona

There are many great hotels both downtown and in surrounding areas: resorts, boutique hotels, chain hotels, and bed and breakfasts. With so many options, where you decide to stay depends on what you have planned.

If you are interested in seeing all that the great outdoors of Sedona has to offer, so choose accomodations like the Sky Ranch Lodge. From here, you can see all the famous red rock formations as well as the small town of Jerome in the distance. On the other hand, you may be more interested in art and culture. If so, choose to stay downtown at The Orchard Inn of Sedona surrounded by several spiritual shops and restaurants. No matter where you choose to stay, you are sure to leave Sedona feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Must See Attractions


Golf in SEdona Arizona

There is much more to see in Sedona than first meets the eyes. In fact, one of the biggest attractions in Sedona is not something you can see; the Sedona vortex draws visitors year round. It is said that in addition to the natural beauty, Sedona has an empowering force that possess healing powers and rejuvenates the soul. If this force appeals to you, you should consider reconnecting your mind, body, and soul with a Restorative Yoga in Red Rocks. This is a fantastic yoga class that focuses and embraces the vortex powers.

Many of Sedona’s must see attractions involve being outdoors. Cathedral Rock, Red Rock Scenic ByWay, Broken Arrow Trail, and Devil’s Bridge Trail are just a few of visitors’ favorites. US News Travel has ranked what they believe are the best sights and attractions in the Sedona area; this is a great resource for the first time Sedona visitors looking for tips on what they should do and see.

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