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6 Reasons You Should Visit Paros This Summer

Paros, one of the many Greek Islands, is often neglected outside of Greece and the average tourism agency does not push it as hard as other destinations, though it is certainly worth a look. Even if it’s less well-known, this beautiful island and the luxurious villas are worth visiting, either on their own or as part of a tour of Greece.

Here are six reasons you should visit Paros this summer if you can get to Greece.

Water Sports

Paros supports a wide array of water sports. Windsurfing and kite surfing are popular here. The Windsurfing World Championship was actually held here for several years. Scuba diving is excellent here and snorkelling is possible at several locations. The only thing that’s hard is traditional surfing since the waters around Paros are so calm. Santa Maria, in particular, is well-known for water sports. Canoeing and kayaking stand out, but all water sports are available.

Proximity to Other Attractions

One attraction of Paros is that you can reach other islands known for the nightlife. For example, Antiparos is only a twenty-minute boat ride away. However, you can also visit a number of hidden beaches on Paros that are barely touched by tourists and locals alike, so you don’t have to leave the island. Or party in Naoussa for a fraction of the price of Athens or Santorini. Naoussa has a wealth of shopping venues, too. However, if you do want to see other major attractions, there are several ferries a day to Athens. Naxos, Santorini and Mykonos ferries periodically come to the island, too.


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Paros is an unknown destination, even among those who have been to Greece. You get the white classic buildings with blue roofs without the crowding of Santorini. You see Greece as it was before it was flooded with international tourists. And you can say you spent days on a Greek island that others would have to look up, knowing you were able to stay for a few extra days due to its lower overall cost.


Any eatery in Paros provides authentic, classic Greek food. And you don’t get the modernized, often less healthy versions they give you in Ibiza. Another benefit is the low prices since you’re so close to the source. In fact, everything on the island is more affordable because they don’t inflate the prices to gouge tourists the way they do on the more popular islands.


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The St. Ioannis Detis peninsula is home to a park that offers excellent hiking opportunities. If that’s too physically demanding, you can rent scooters to ride around the island. There is some public transit between the major attractions on the island, but you need to arrange transportation of some kind to get off the beaten path.


The Archaeological Museum has exhibits from the Paleolithic to the modern era. The Panagia Ekatontapyliani church dates back to the fourth century. Paroikia is home to a 13th-century Frankish castle.

Lefkes stands out as a real-world snapshot of Greek’s early past for the average person. You take what is known as the Byzantian Route to reach it. You could also visit the famous quarry in Greece, the Marathi Marble Quarry. Organized tours to it are available. Or, you can rent one of the many Paros villas from BlueVillas Collection that are centuries old, letting you immerse yourself in the very history of the island.


Paros is a must-see for anyone thinking of visiting Greece this summer. You’ll be close to other attractions and the big islands, and will be able to enjoy the best food and activities Greece has to offer for a fraction of the price you pay in well-developed touristy areas. So, broaden your horizon, and consider booking your villa in Paros for a change of pace.