Best Places for Scuba Diving in Indonesia

Being the world’s largest archipelago, it’s no wonder that you can find the world’s best places for scuba diving in Indonesia. With its many scattered islands, the marine diversity and pristine coral reefs makes Indonesia the perfect destination for a holiday dive. And while getting here can be expensive from the West, cheap flights to many of the destinations listed below can be found

Here are five places in Indonesia that will take your scuba diving experience to a whole new level.

Komodo National Park


From the name itself, Komodo National Park is the lair of dragons in myths and legends. With its waters rich in marine life, scuba divers can be one with mantas, sharks, and dolphins. The Komodo National Park is the ideal starting point for tourists who would want to go all around Indonesia for scuba diving. As an added attraction, visitors can check out Komodo Dragons before or after the dive.


Considered as a world-class scuba diving spot, Sulawesi is known for its wide variety of corals and biodiversity that is among the best in the world. Sulawesi is a favorite among macro-photographers due to the fascinating underwater creatures they can take snapshots of.

Banda Islands

Banda islands, Gunung Api, Naira, Banda Besar, Indonesia, best places for scuba diving in Indonesia

One of the best places for scuba diving in Indonesia is in the Banda islands, situated near the Komodo National Park area. Its reputation as a premiere site for scuba diving is established thanks to its beautiful reefs. In fact, the water is so healthy that scuba divers will not miss sighting a wide variety of dolphins and whales during the plunge.


Beyond just being a dive spot, Bali is recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful islands in general. Since it’s a common choice for holidays among locals, Bali has become popular for scuba diving as well because of its captivating sceneries that include coral ridges and volcanic outcrops. There are countless varieties of interesting marine life to encounter such as pygmy seahorses, hairy frogfish, reef sharks, and parrotfish.

Raja Ampat


Scuba diving enthusiasts taking their hobbies to Indonesia will probably count Raja Ampat as the highlight of their trip and it certainly earns its place on the list of best places for scuba diving in Indonesia. Considered the crème de la crème of diving spots, Raja Ampat’s marine life is so diverse that it is significantly larger than all other areas in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and the rest of Indonesia.

As a nation with a thriving tourism attributed to its breathtaking diving spots, there are a lot more places to explore in Indonesia for scuba diving, but the list above is a good initial guide to get your bearings on which spots are considered the best places for scuba diving in Indonesia.

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