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Going to Orlando and its Parks

It’s time to make a journey and the destination this time is called Orlando, a space full of fun that attracts millions of people during the whole year due to it’s famous parks, places like Disney World, Universal Studio or the Cabo Discovery will keep you busy all day long.

Start by looking for a hotel of your total liking and make the reservation from the comfort of your home through the travel agency so you won’t have to worry when you get there and remember that in this city you will spent to little time in the hotel facilities because you will be all day long touring the area and it’s famous attractions so a good price and breakfast included can be one of the best choices.

Universal Studios Orlando viajemos

To take advantage and make the most of this experience with your time we recommend to use a rental car service, with this you will be able to get where you want to go  and you can hire it from your home via online with the service that offer agencies like Miles Car Rental.

Request the withdrawal of the car from the airport and start to enjoy since you arrive there. Don’t forget to include the special services like the chair for children if you travel with them, a car of great size if the group is big, a GPS to stay on the right path at all time and the notification to deliver the car in another state if you have interests on going around Miami city that is 4 hours away from Orlando.

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If you travel with kids the tour through Disney World can be the best start, with it’s interesting and attractive parks like como Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the aquatic parks such as Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon that can’t be left out.

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After this you can use your time to visit the famous Universal Studios that counts with the aquatic park Wet’n Wild Orlando, the Universal CityWalk Orlando that includes a complex of stores, night clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters and the popular “Blue Man Group” Show, the Islands of Adventure theme park that consists on 7 theme zones clearly defined with the new and most acclaimed zone by the fans of Harry Potter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, that counts with several attractions, stores, live shows and theme restaurants, all of them related to the wizard boy.

And if you still have some time you can go on a tour to enjoy from free places like natural parks, art, culture, gastronomy, vineyards or the biggest flea market on the United States called Flea World, located just up north of Orlando and that includes over 1700 sellers, acrobatic samples, circuses performances, magic shows and exotic animals to know.


Helsinki City Guide

Helsinki, recently awarded as ‘City of Design’ by UNESCO, is the capital of Finland. Unlike the Nordic winter, the temperature of this city is quite livable, and life continues throughout the year. It has four seasons, and the temperatures vary from 32 degrees in the summer and about -20 degrees in the winter. With the growing food scenes, the days never end. Summers are long and happening and the. Winters are even longer, but that does not stop the people from going about their day and making the most of it. Frozen lakes are enjoyed by everyone as everyone makes the most of them by skating on them.

The public transportation of this city is excellent. But, you can also use Kiwitaxi as they provide the best transportation services and the expert navigation skills of the trained drivers will save you the time of getting lost or looking for your destination.

What and Where to Eat?

  • Freese café
    Freese Café is one of the best places to have the perfect coffee in Helsinki. It is a favorite amongst the people of Helsinki. Go for a brunch with your friends and family and enjoy the perfectly brewed coffee.
  • Café Regatta
    This café is a cute little wooden café that sits on the water. The smell of the cinnamon buns is very welcoming. You can choose to sit either by the water side or sit on a pelt by the fire and grill some sausages.
  • Farang
    Farang is known for its modern Asian cuisines and unique cocktails. It is a great place to celebrate. Visit this café to with your friends and family.

What to See/ Do?

  • FLOW Festival
    The FLOW festival is celebrated during the summers and fills life in the city as well as the people. The music is amazing, and the food is delicious. Have a blast at the festival.
  • Lutheran Cathedral
    It is the unofficial symbol of Helsinki. The white Cathedral makes quite an impression on its visitors. You must visit this Church as it is one of the most beautiful churches in Helsinki.
  • Design Museum
    This museum exhibits modern art and industrial design. It pays great attention to the contributions of the Finnish to the history of the consumer goods. You must visit this museum to learn more about the designs and art of this city.

Where to Shop?

  • Hietalahti Market Square
    It is a throbbing flee market where you can expect to find unique and amazing statement pieces. If you have a thing for old and rustic things or are a collector, then head straight to Hietalahti Market Square.
  • Market Square
    The open air market sells the fresh local produce as well as souvenirs. Head to this market to buy fresh berries or to buy souvenirs to take back home. It is one of the busiest markets being the busiest in the summers.
  • Nudge
    This store is the perfect place to stop by if you want to buy ethnic home décor and organic makeup. This ethnic store also provides some amazing rice paper rolls and an impressive list of wine.

Tricking Out Your Jeep

Tricking out your Jeep is easier than you might think. No matter your budget, there are a number of accessories and parts that you can purchase to trick out your Jeep the way you want it. From roof racks such as the Jeep jk roof rack, lighting, flares, engines, etc. you can have the Jeep you’ve always wanted with all the bells and whistles.

Take a look at some of the ways you can add some character to your off-road vehicle.


Racks are a great way to trick out your Jeep. Racks such as the Jeep jk roof rack offer an easy way to safely transport all of your gear or anything you need, leaving more room for passengers inside. In order to choose the best roof rack for your Jeep, you will need to decide what type of cargo you are likely to be carrying and what type of roof you have. Most roof racks can carry a load of up to 300 pounds and are made from strong materials such as aluminum or steel for durability. Roof racks are not only functional but make your Jeep look awesome!

Fender Flares

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Another way to trick out your Jeep is to add fender flares. Fender flares for your Wrangler will help protect your vehicle from knicks, scratches, and dents when you’re riding the trails. Fender flares also add an extra added style and rugged appearance to your Jeep while also giving you confidence that your 4X4 is being taken care of while you enjoy the off road terrain.

Light Bars

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Tricking out your Jeep with light bars is also an option. Light bars can be mounted to the front of your Jeep for an awesome flare for your ride as well as providing extra light when you are off road and need extra light to navigate. These awesome accessories are both functional and attractive.

How to Carry Travel Gear on a Motorbike

There’s something about a great road trip that can make us feel truly free. A motorbike road trip, however, can really take the euphoric feelings of freedom to a whole new level. Feel the rush as you explore new terrain and take to the open road on your bike. Whether you’re going away for a night, a weekend, a week or longer, it’s essential that you safely secure your travel gear on a motorbike.

Loose items can easily fall off your bike, sometimes with catastrophic consequences. The best case scenario is that you lose or break something. However, there’s a good chance that your belongings could cause an accident, either for you or for another road user.

Items can get caught in your wheels if you’re not careful. They can hit other vehicles and obscure their view. They can knock other motorcyclists off balance or cause them to swerve and fall. Make sure you tightly secure your travel gear on your motorbike.

There are several ways to carry travel gear on a motorbike. Visit Vault Cargo for a range of tough and high-quality straps in different lengths, including 8 foot, 12 foot, and Vault Cargo 15 foot with a ratchet.

Locked In Solid Panniers

Panniers attach to the side of a motorbike, providing much-needed luggage space. The specially designed mounting systems help to ensure that everything stays where it should. Often referred to in biking circles as hard luggage, panniers may be made from plastic, aluminum or fiberglass. Some keen bikers prefer to carry their travel gear on a motorbike safely inside a lockable piece of equipment.

A big downside of such luggage, however, is that it can be quite pricey to buy. If you don’t use it often, it might take a fairly long time to get your money’s worth from the initial purchase. Additionally, hard luggage is easier to break than other ways of carrying baggage on a motorcycle. If your bike topples over, you take a tumble or another vehicle crashes into the side of your bag, you can probably wave goodbye to your panniers. The items inside will likely be okay, though.

Packed in Soft Saddlebags

Soft luggage adds less weight to your bike than hard luggage and is also a lot less prone to being damaged. Leather saddlebags have been a favorite way to carry travel gear on a motorbike for many years. They are especially popular with people in biking clubs and who ride a classic or retro bike. If treated correctly, soft luggage can be waterproof too.

Some vehicles have mounting systems to keep bags in place on the side. If not, you’ll have to strap bags to your bike, making sure they’re tight and secure, with no hanging parts that could become stuck. Be sure to distribute weight evenly between the bags too.

In Soft Bags Attached to the Seat

If you’re not taking a passenger on your biking trip, carrying your luggage behind you can help to keep the bike stable and balanced. After all, the space is designed to carry the weight of an additional person. You really do need to ensure that any bags on the seat behind you are extremely securely attached and fastened to your vehicle.

It’s essential that you don’t rely on balance alone, though, to keep your luggage in place. Turning corners, driving at speed and strong gusts of wind can all contribute to baggage straps loosening. Make sure that your straps are strong and tough, that you pull them tight and that you make regular stops to check and re-tighten straps if necessary.

Of course, if you’re just away for a night or two, and you’re happy to travel light, you or your passenger could always strap a backpack on for the ride.

Be aware of all relevant laws, take it easy and slow down when riding your bike and carrying luggage, wear all necessary safety gear and always, always wear a helmet.

How to Survive While Driving in Exhausting Heat

Long and hot summer days are a perfect time for adventures, and your car is definitely in want of a cool drive. You’ve bought new summer tyres, planned your itinerary in details, and packed your belonging…but you still aren’t ready enough to hit the road.

Travelling by car in a trying heat requires much more precautions than a regular drive around the block and this is what you should take into account in order to prevent the heat from ruining your vacation.

Heat provokes dangerous situations on the road

The human body was ‘designed’ to operate at the temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, and it doesn’t like any changes in this status quo. The heat ruins this delicate balance, causing the human body to lose fluid which results in dizziness, fatigue, palpitations, numbness of limbs, and confusion. Your driving skills get compromised as your brain loses its ability to concentrate on the road. If you know that your travel is going to fall on the extreme heat or your route lies through a hot area, ensure you take necessary precautions.

Check your tyres

Pile tire 868894 1280

Not only must your tyres be of a good quality and in decent condition in order to withstand the trying heat, but also they must be correctly inflated. Under-inflation (which actually happens oftener than you think) of at least one tyre in a set dramatically increases the odds of getting a blowout. It happens because an under-inflated tyre easily overheats due to its flabbiness and, as a result, a wider stripe of contact with the road. The dangerous situation can be easily avoided by regularly checking the pressure in all 4 tyres using a pressure gauge and keeping them inflated to the index prescribed by the car manufacturer.

Keep your engine cool

This requires not only making regular stops during the ride to let your engine cool in full, but also a proper maintenance of the cooling system (involve a proficient mechanic if you cannot do it on your own). Make sure that the engine coolant is replaced in time (usually, it must be done every 2 to 6 years) and it contains a correct ratio of water and the coolant.

Test your battery

Heat is your battery’s bitter enemy, causing its fluids to evaporate and connections to corrode. So if your battery isn’t new (3 years and older), have a mechanic test it. If you drive an electric car, know that at hot temperatures, you need to reduce the mileage per charge by at least 40%. So make sure you adjust your route to shorten distances between recharges.

Check car liquids, belts, and hoses

Scarborough Tobago

The extreme heat wears out belts and hoses and consumes fluids faster. Before making a big ride in a hot weather, replace all blistering, worn, or cracked parts and ensure your car fluids (motor oil, transmission, brake, power-steering and windshield fluids) are fresh and at a proper level.

Pack the emergency kit

Except for jumper cables, non-perishable heat-proof food, flashlight, and the first-aid kit, your emergency kits must contain lots of water (at least 70 fl oz per passenger per day of travel).