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How to Stay in Cambridge on a Budget

Cambridge is the fifth-largest city in Massachusetts, and it’s filled with history, diversity, and innovation. Home to prestigious universities like Harvard, Radcliffe, and MIT, Cambridge feels like a college town, but has attracted a wealth of technology companies like Google and Microsoft, lending to its reputation as Boston’s funkier, more progressive neighbour. The city is easy to navigate using public transportation, benefitting from Boston’s ‘T’ train system and local buses. It’s also very bike-friendly, and the Hubway bike-sharing program makes it easy to hop off the subway and onto a bike for cheap and easy exploration.

Eat Like a Cantabrigian

Toscanini s Ice Cream Cambridge Massachussetts

Locals love the low-budget Tex-Mex cuisine at Border Cafe just outside Harvard Square, and can’t say enough about the traditional Irish pub fare and twice-weekly live music at The Druid. To satisfy your sweet tooth on the cheap, don’t miss Toscanini’s Ice Cream, which The New York Times credits with “the world’s best ice cream”, and be sure to hit L.A. Burdick in Harvard Square for a cup of famously rich hot chocolate. To sample local beers, head to Cambridge Brewing Company, where you’ll sip alongside MIT and tech company types.

Swanky Stays that are Easy on the Wallet

Visitors can find Cambridge hotel deals at popular chains like Sheraton Commander Hotel, with 173 newly redesigned rooms and complimentary high-speed Internet, or the Hyatt Regency Cambridge Overlooking Boston, which offers a complimentary shuttle to nearby attractions. Cambridge also offers an abundance of small inns and bed-and-breakfasts, like Harding House and Whitman House Inn, which offer an affordable alternative to traditional hotels. Rooms at the luxurious Charles Hotel are pricey, but you can grab a guidebook and enjoy a tour of its regional American art collection at no charge.

See Free Local History

Harvard University Cambridge Massachussetts

There’s lots to do without spending a dime, thanks to Cambridge’s walkability and abundance of history. If you’re not afraid of ghosts, wander through Mount Auburn Cemetery, a National Historic Landmark and the final resting place of notable figures like Dorothea Dix, Buckminster Fuller, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Get a feel for campus life by taking a free student led tour of Harvard.  After, enjoy the street musicians and eclectic shops of Harvard Square or stop by the tiny Passim folk club that once hosted Bob Dylan and Bonnie Raitt. Architecture buffs can take the Red Line T to Kendall Station and find buildings created by modern masters Ghery, Pei, and Saarinen. End the day with a stroll along the Charles River, stopping for a game of tennis, a concert at Hatch Memorial Shell, or to take photos of the beautiful Boston skyline.

Cambridge packs so much in.  With theaters, museums, shopping areas, historical attractions, and more you’ll be tempted to forget all about the big city of Boston nearby and spend your whole trip here. The concentration of universities and new businesses means a constant flow of new arrivals, bringing enthusiasm and diversity to this already-eclectic enclave of culture, entrepreneurship, and history. You’ll feel the energy as soon as you step outside, and the brisk New England weather and picturesque scenery will keep you coming back.

AUTHOR BIO: Rebecca Metz is an avid road tripper, hotel hopper, and sufferer of wanderlust. She has a soft spot for national parks and wine regions, and writes about her adventures either online or in a well-worn journal, preferably while relaxing in a beach chair.


5 Cool Things to do in Vegas that Don’t Involve Casinos

Las Vegas promises to keep your secrets as you enjoy a good time, but not all the fun is found in the strip bars, raunchy shows and casinos. If you are looking for cool things to do in Las Vegas that don’t involve gambling, drinking or other events that could lead to trouble, there are plenty of things for you to do in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

360-Degree Dining

The slow rotation of the Top of the World Restaurant adds to the delicious food, excellent lunch specials and a spectacular view of the city. Check out what Vegas has to offer as you eat lobster bisque, rack of lamb or the rib-eye steak. Expect to pay a pretty penny for the meal and dress for the occasion, but know that every bite will be worth it.

Manly Toys

Play with the big boys in a sandbox only a man could dream up (though women are more than welcome). The heavy equipment playground, Dig This, lets you move mountains of dirt with bulldozers, excavators and more. Or, you can test out your sharpshooting skills with a rifle, hand gun or machine gun at the firing range.

Wise Guys

Las Vegas Mob  Museum exterior

You might not normally get a kick out of museums, but the local Vegas Mob Museum is really something to experience. From the mob that ruled Vegas to the men and women who brought them down, the museum presents both sides of the story within a historical federal building. This museum tells the secrets that were once so violently protected by the infamous Vegas wise guys and highly sought after by national law enforcement.

Floral Exhibits

Miniature train at Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Las Vegas Nevada

If you appreciate nature and a wallet-friendly adventure, then you will love the Conservatory and Botanical Garden. Stroll through the stunning exhibits for free and enjoy the seasonal displays. The gardens change throughout the year, so if you’ve seen it once, you still should go see it again. Thousands of colorful plants and floral sculptures will have you enthralled for at least part of your day.

The Unsinkable Ship

Once a gem of the United States, the Titanic tragically sunk on its first voyage into the open waters when it hit a submerged iceberg. In a beautiful and memorable way, Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition offers a look into the historical ship and the passengers that died when tragedy struck. It’s easy to picture yourself on the trip in this special museum and you will enjoy the journey whether you are a history buff or a sentimental soul. View personal artifacts of those lost, read interesting facts about the voyage, and appreciate the meticulous detail of the somber exhibit recreations.

The above are just a sampling of non-casino attractions in Vegas. Others include bungee jumping, the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum, the Pinball Hall of Fame, Bonnie Springs Ranch, the Neon Museum, and a hike at Red Rock. There are so many things to do in Vegas; you will have trouble fitting them all into your trip. Hotels like the Wyn Las Vegas offer tourists many fun events, shows and activities other than gambling. With so much fun jam-packed into every corner of the strip, you won’t know what to do first!

Getaway to The Gambia

Green Vervet Monkey, The Gambia

Often overlooked as a tourist destination in favour of more well-trodden African countries, the tiny finger-shaped nation of The Gambia is finally starting to come into its own. Nicknamed “The Smiling Coast of Africa” (although some would argue it resembles more of a moustache), The Gambia is one of the safest places in Africa to enjoy a getaway. And with plenty of beaches, nature activities, and world-class resorts, you’ll be smiling too. It’s also pretty easy to get there. Thomas Cook Airlines flights to Banjul, the nation’s capital, operate several times a week.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect while you’re there.

Albert Market


Occupying the same space since the 1800s, Banjul’s chief market is also the hub for most of its activity. Shops, stalls, stand and carts manned by friendly (and colourful!) locals offer everything from fabrics to fish and clothes to chickens. Bring your haggling skills though — the first price is never the agreed upon price, with discounts to be had up to 90% off the initial quote. Allow a few hours to meander through the maze of alleyways, and another hour to find your way out.

Kachikally Crocodile Pool


Located in Bakau about 20 minutes outside of Banjul, the Kachikally Crocodile Pool pulls double duty — it’s a premiere attraction for tourists, and it’s a sacred site for locals. The crocodile is a symbol of fertility in The Gambia, so women travel here from all across the country, and even neighbouring countries, to undergo a ritual bathing and blessing ceremony. It’s thought that the waters have healing powers to aid in conception. More than 100 crocodiles inhabit the banks along the water, and many are tame enough that they can be petted — with the assistance of a guide of course. Laws forbid locals from getting financial gain from the pools, so the fear of getting ripped off here is never a worry.

Bijilo Forest Park

Green Vervet Monkey, The Gambia

No visit to Africa would be complete without monkeys, and the Bijilo Forest Park has them in spades. Situated just 11 kilometres outside of Banjul, this small nature reserve occupies a spectacular location just up from Senegambia beach and its stunning cliffs. You’ll see plenty of Green Vervet Monkeys, and if you’re lucky, the endangered Western Red Colobus Monkey as well. Although it’s tempting, refrain from feeding the monkeys with nuts being hawked by local vendors. Discarded bags become a problem for the wildlife and the park’s caretakers, and hand feeding these beautiful creatures disturbs their natural behaviour. There are also over 130 species of birds in the park, so plan on spending a full day here.


Breathtaking Lakes You Can Visit by Rail

Lake Offensee, Lake District, Austria

Landlocked? No wheels to get you around? Got a hankering to experience some water activities this summer? Fear not, millions of Europeans are in the same boat (see what we did there?) Mercifully, much of Europe sports a stellar railway system, so even if you are not blessed with the luxury of lakeside living, there are plenty of gorgeous lakes that are merely a short train ride away.

So get your water wings and inner tubes at the ready, and check out these breathtaking lakes you can visit by rail.

Lake Garda


Italy’s largest lake (and some would argue its most beautiful) is served by no fewer than three train stations — Desenzano and Peschiera del Garda in the south, and Rovereto in the north. Each acts as a gateway to some pretty fabulous activities in the region. Take for example the Medieval Market in Tignale. Accessible by bus from the Rovereto train station, the yearly summer evening market features acrobats, fire-eaters, and period costumed townspeople offering everything from local handicrafts to jam and liqueurs.

 Windsurfing Lake Garda, Italy

If it’s the water you’ve come for, windsurfing is available year-round at Lake Garda. Gardasurf Water Sport School is located in Brenzone, which is linked by bus to the Peschiera del Garda rail station, offers windsurfing classes for both young and old, and if windsurfing doesn’t quite suit your fancy, the facility also offers dinghy, sailboat, and catamaran rentals.

Although most folks think of the ocean when they think of diving, Lake Garda offers some stellar fresh water diving opportunities for those up for the challenge. Many of the dive shops are situated in the southern lake resorts of Arco, Riva del Garde, and Malescine (served by the Rovereto rail station.) Ambiente Acqua in Arco offers PADI diving certification courses as well as day and night dives for those already certified.

Austrian Lake District

While technically it’s proper name is Salzkammergut, this area is more popularly referred to as simply the Austrian Lake District. And with a total of 76 lakes in the region, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied, and of course plenty of rail options serving the Lake District.

 Lake Traunsee, Lake District, Austria

Holding the distinction as Austria’s deepest lake, Lake Traunsee can be accessed from the train stations at Gmunden in the north as well as Ebensee in the south. For history buffs, a paddleboat steamer from the 1870s still plies the waters offering tours of the lake for visitors. There are plenty of free beaches along the 12km shore as well for those looking to take a dip on a budget.

 Lake Offensee, Lake District, Austria

Although the water temperature can be a bit chilly chilly (it’s worth checking), sunny days are the perfect time to visit Lake Offensee for a refreshing dip. The scenery here is amongst the best in Austria, and since it attracts fewer visitors than some of the larger bodies of water in the Lake District (Lake Offensee takes only 90 minutes to walk around), there are days that seem like you have the whole place to yourself.

Why Cuba is Still Definitely Different

Colorful vintage 1950s Chevy cars, Havana, Cuba

Win 5000€ for a Cuba Getaway

With a mind numbing array of 1950s vintage Chevys roaming its streets, a vibrant salsa-infused nightlife, and a culture and history unlike any other place on the planet, Cuba is (and always will be) definitely different.

From world-class scuba diving, to world-class beaches, to world-class entertainment, there’s also definitely no shortage of things to do in this sun-kissed Caribbean getaway. Check out the video below for a Cuba Primer.


And to help you explore it in proper style, the folks at Cuba Travel Network are running an innovative contest to put 5000 Euros in your paws to be used for a once-in-a-lifetime, customize-it-yourself tour of the Pearl of the Antilles.

Cuban gentleman with cigar

So what do you have to do? Simple — just prank a friend or family member via text message that you are in already in Cuba, submit your entry online or via Twitter, and the prank with the most votes wins! Of course, creativity will be key to get your entry to the top of the herd, so think long and think hard about a unique way to confound your friends before entering. For full contest details, and to see examples of what the competition looks like, check out

Good luck!