Cruise the Caribbean with … Kate Gosselin?

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Kate Gosselin will be the star attraction on a Caribbean cruise.


If you had eight kids, you’d need to get away from them once in a while, wouldn’t you? But not many single moms of eight can even dream of soaking up the sun on a weeklong Caribbean cruise — and instead of paying for the privilege, getting paid for it, too.

Kate Gosselin may not have a reality show any more, but she’s still finding ways to make her fame pay. Gosselin will be the guest of honor on a Western Caribbean cruise departing from Florida in August.

No mention is made of the Gosselin children coming along. And since father Jon has said repeatedly he wants the kids out of the public eye, we’re betting they are staying home in Pennsylvania while mom sails.

Features of the Kate-centric cruise include a personalized gift (let us guess … a signed book?), a QA session (“How’s Jon doing?”) and a batch of other events with Kate, including a barbecue, brunch, and even a shore excursion.

The most humorous item on the Kate schedule is some kind of a crafting class. “Doesn’t Kate always have the best ideas!” the copy claims. Uh, we think there should be a question mark there, for grammar and other reasons.  “Learn a new craft from the professional herself.”

Not sure in whose world Kate is a crafting “professional” since last we heard, she was working for a couponing site, but should you want to join Gosselin on the Allure of the Seas, sign up now. And we hope you’ve clipped a lot of those coupons — the cheapest cabin is $1900 per person.

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