Disney World asks girl to change out of costume

It took April Spielman several hours to get ready for a visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., last weekend. It took a fraction of that for security officers to bar her from entering Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The 15-year-old Spielman dressed up in a Tinker Bell costume she purchased online in an attempt to make a memorable first visit for her boyfriend, who dressed up as Peter Pan, she told clickorlando.com, the website of CBS affiliate WKMG.

“My makeup took two hours, my hair took another hour, and then I had to spray my body in glitter and paint my nails,” Spielman said.

Disney apparently thought she did a convincing job.

“They said I looked too good,” Spielman told clickorlando.com, and said Disney officials explained that kids might confuse her for the official Tinker Bell character.

Park officials asked Spielman to change, provided her with free clothes and gave her family FreePass tickets that meant no long lines for rides, clickorlando.com reported.

When Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, it raised the bar for theme parks everywhere and left its mark on how — and where — Americans vacation.

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Disney World’s dress code, posted here, states it can deny entry to visitors wearing clothes that could be a distraction, including “adult costumes or clothing that can be viewed as a costume.” Kids under 10 are excluded from the rule.

This story originally appeared on clickorlando.com.

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