Mind-boggling New York Attractions

While some people prefer to fritter away their vacations on a beach, sunscreen in one hand, margarita in the other, there are other options out there for those that prefer a bit more mental stimulation during their time away from work. New York is one such place where you can put your brain to work on your holidays.

So get your mental floss ready, and your creative juices flowing with some of these mind-boggling New York attractions. 

Escape the Room NYC

While it may just look like a plain run-of-the-mill room, this attraction is actually a puzzle that will put your problem-solving abilities to their ultimate test. Participants have 60 minutes to scan the room for hidden objects to aid in their escape. The clues will lead you and your friends to solve the puzzle and earn their freedom to “Escape the Room.” It costs about 25 dollars per person, but the reviews are through the roof for this attraction. (Note: the escape is NOT through the roof though — it’s not THAT easy!) 

Watson’s Scavenger Hunt

New York City

If you’re looking for a novel way to see the sights during your New York holidays, then testing your wits with a scavenger hunt may be the answer. You don’t collect rare and unusual things with on this hunt though, you find the answers to a series of sometimes tricky, sometimes hilarious questions designed to get you to out and about in the city. You’ll visit museums, get to roam neighbourhoods, and have an overall greater appreciation for this magnificent city. 

New York Hall of Science


I know what you’re thinking — “Great, another science museum.” But the New York Hall of Science (or NYSCI for short) is a little different than most. While it does offer the usual array of exhibits (over 450), interactive displays, and plenty of workshops explaining science, technology, math, and engineering — it’s the unique participation activities that sets this museum apart. Their extensive calendar of events offers everything from crayon making, to learning parkour, to making your own environmentally friendly tote bag.

So next time you’re in New York City, check out some these less widely known attractions — your brain will be happy you did. 

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