Sante Fe Welcomes You

Do you long for the good old days? Do you wish that people stopped and took the time to help you out or share a story? What if you heard that old-fashioned friendly hospitality still existed? You’ll find it in Santa Fe!

Santa Fe Hotels are a Home Away From Home

Santa Fe hotels delight in going the extra mile for their guests.Employees turn on the charm from the moment you arrive at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Santa Fe and receive a warm, welcoming chocolate chip cookie. Its trained professionals can help you plan a large or small onsite event or simply make sure your room is comfortable. It’s telling that 96 percent of users say the DoubleTree’s staff members are friendly. They’re even more enthusiastic about the workers at the Inn at Sante Fe. A near perfect 97 percent of users give the employees at this independent hotel the thumbs up. It’s not uncommon to read reviews praising the way the staffers go the extra mile to ensure their guests are happy and comfortable.

Santa Fe has Great Spas for Extra Pampering


Santa Fe has plenty of full-service spas which can make you feel really special on your vacation. Enjoy a taste of Oriental indulgence at Ten Thousand Waves, a unique spa inspired by Japanese mountain hot spring resorts. A more traditional spa can be enjoyed at Absolute Nirvana. This establishment only employs master-level therapists with at least 17 years of experience.If you’d rather not travel to enjoy a dose of pampering, why not check out The Hacienda and Spa at Hotel Santa Fe? This decadent spa employs licensed practitioners in everything from energy work to sports and cranial-sacral massage. It’s ideally located on the grounds of the secluded Hotel Santa Fe.

Warm Hospitality at Family-Run Restaurants

Santa Fe New Mexico restaurant

Santa Fe is legendary for its fiery cuisine, but it’s more than good food that makes its local eateries some of New Mexico’s best. The warm hospitality of local restauranteurs helps make these Santa Fe establishments really special. This is a city where you’ll find few chains. Instead most of the independent restaurants are still run by the families that established them years ago, such as Café Castro, Casa Chimayó, and Atrisco Café & Bar.

Fly Home from Nearly Private Airport

Too often air travelers feel like cattle as they’re herded through the gates of large scale airports. At Santa Fe Municipal Airport, they do things a bit differently. The majority of flights from the airport are provided by planes carrying a maximum of 30 passengers, so things never get too crowded. With fewer passengers to look after, the airport staffers have more time to ensure you’re left with a positive impression of Santa Fe. Read’s guide to flying from Santa Fe to learn more about this unique travel hub.Where have you received the best customer service on vacation? Make sure to share your story below!
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