Snake on a plane! Flight crew finds reptile under seats

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Though it became a well-known pop culture joke after Samuel L. Jackson’s 2006 fictional movie, snakes can sometimes be found on a plane.

That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday when a cabin crew was checking an airplane that landed in Glasgow, Scotland, according to The Scotsman newspaper in Edinburgh. The flight had come in from Cancun, Mexico when staff found a 18-inch long, juvenile snake under a row of seats in the passenger cabin, the newspaper reported.

A Scottish animal welfare charity was called in to recover the snake, The Scotsman reported. 

An inspector with the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Billy Linton, said Glasgow Airport staff “remained remarkably clam” after finding the snake, the BBC reported.

The snake, which has been named “Furtivo” (meaning “sneak” in Spanish), is believed to be a Middle American smooth-scaled racer, according to the BBC.

“Racers aren’t venomous but, like all snakes, they can bite and Furtivo is very feisty,” said Linton, according to the BBC.

The airline at the center of this incident was not named.

Back in April, a pilot in Australia made an emergency landing after a snake crawled down his leg.

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