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A closer look at Benidorm

Like some other famous holiday destinations, the resort of Benidorm is associated with some stereotypes. In the case of Benidorm, misleading ideas about it have developed during different periods of its development.


Firstly, the place is sometimes viewed as being rowdy because of some excessive partying that happened in the 1980s. Secondly, Benidorm is occasionally thought of as being for elderly people because some senior citizens choose to enjoy its mild winters. In fact, the resort is ideal for tourists of all ages, and it is also worth noting that just because Benidorm is affordable it does not mean that it lacks good quality accommodation. 

The distinctive qualities of Benidorm

There are several factors that do make Benidorm unique. The high proportion of British tourists means that visitors from the UK feel especially welcome in the resort. Amazing skyscrapers have given Benidorm a skyline which is dissimilar to any other in the Costa Blanca. The microclimate of Benidorm is particularly pleasant, and its old section is of some interest.

Benidorm beach

However, Benidorm does have some great qualities which do not make it stand out from its rivals. For example, clean beaches within Benidorm mean that it is a handy spot from which to take advantage of the Mediterranean Sea. It is this blend of the different and the similar which arguably makes the resort such a popular choice. 

Accommodation in Benidorm

There is a variety of accommodation within the resort. Self-catering apartment blocks rub shoulders with hotels. There is quite a lot of choice, but many tourists are tempted by hotels because they permit a high degree of relaxation. Some of the hotels of Benidorm are all-inclusive and come with a range of attractive facilities. Palm Beach Benidorm is a good hotel and more about it can be discovered by doing a bit of research. A brief look at Jet2holidays’ website shows that the hotel features swimming pools inside and out. 

Other things to do in Benidorm

Apart from sunbathing, swimming and nightlife, Benidorm does provide tourists with plenty to do. Some events only take place at particular times of the year, but there are a significant number of permanent attractions too.

City streets of Benidorm Costa Blanca Spain

The likes of water parks have proved themselves down the years. In addition to the spectacular side of life, Benidorm has ordinary facilities which many tourists appreciate. For instance, there are lots of shops in the resort and they typically do well, catering for the broad tastes of their visitors.