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Best Beach Breaks In Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit year on year and is known for its friendly people, good value for money, rich cuisine and vibrant culture.

Most importantly, Turkey has a wide range of perfect beaches that will leave you planning more holidays to Turkey – and here we look at some of the best beach breaks.


Antalya is a stunning sea resort located on the Turkish Riviera, along the Mediterranean coast. It is Turkey’s biggest international sea resort and the third most visited city in the world, with 10.5 million annual visitors.

Be sure not to miss the Fluted Minaret, the most prominent landmark of the city.


With two beautifully large beaches, Side is a picturesque old fishing port, perfect for a couple’s romantic getaway. Make sure you visit the 5th century baths and be sure not to miss out on the old theatre, with its magnificent architectural features.

The Temple of Apollo is also in this area, so factor this in when planning cultural excursions.


Gumbet, Turkey


A popular destination to emerge with British tourists is Bodrum. Located at the western tip of Turkey, Bodrum boasts a wonderful Mediterranean climate that explains why it’s so popular.

Next to the town is one of the bigger peninsula resorts: Gumbet. Gumbet’s beautiful beach will allow you to get that much needed down time, with the warm Mediterranean waters and diverse water sports keeping you company. With a superb selection of restaurants, cafes and exciting clubs to provide further interest, there are plenty of things to entertain you throughout the day and night.

Holidaying in Bodrum is very versatile. From all-inclusive beach resorts to cultural tours, or even a combination of both – a holiday in Bodrum is for everyone. Further to this, Bodrum offers the best in western and Asian cultures and also combines the best of ancient and modern attractions for a truly versatile holiday experience.

Olu Deniz

Bodrum Turkey sunset-001


Olu Deniz comprises of a beautiful promenade that lines the mountain-backed main beach. You can watch the sun set at a rooftop bar whilst sitting back and enjoying your favourite cocktail or relax with a beachside beanbag and a shisha pipe.

With affordable accommodation available throughout and a thriving nightlife, which offers plenty of attractions once the sun’s gone down, Olu Deniz really does have it all.

Discover the Very Best of Bodrum

Bodrum Turkey sunset

The south-western Aegean region of Turkey is on the cusp of where the Eastern world meets the West and has a history stretching back thousands of years. Today it is possibly more well-known for the fantastic resort of Bodrum, which has rightly built a reputation as one of the finest destinations for Turkish holidays.

The Mediterranean climate can reach very high temperatures in the height of summer, although winter temperatures are on a par with what you’ll find during a relatively disappointing summer here in the UK.

The town itself is an historic port and, in more modern times an international yachting destination of great repute. However, it is the ancient buildings of Bodrum that truly set it apart.

Bodrum castle, Turkey

Bodrum Kalesi, also known as the Castle of Saint Peter, was built by the Crusaders in the 15th century between 1402 and 1437. As well as offering spectacular views of the area from its elevated position, the castle is the site of many cultural festivals which are held throughout the year.

In the castle grounds you will find the Museum of Underwater Archaeology which displays various fascinating ancient objects recovered from the sea and details the rise of civilisation itself.

The Ancient Amphitheatre is over 2000 years old and conveniently located on the main highway through the town. As well as giving a glimpse into the past it also provides a beautiful view of Bodrum Harbour in its entirety.

For those looking for forms of enjoyment that are less historical, the wonderful beaches are of course one of the big reasons anyone chooses holidays to Bodrum.

A short distance from Bodrum by taxi is the traditional Turkish village of Torba where you will find attractive stretches of sand surrounded by the pine and olive trees that grow copiously in the area.

Colorful cushions at Bitez Beach, Turkey

Another hotspot of the Bodrum Peninsula is Bitez beach – an area which has enjoyed a growing reputation as a holiday destination in recent years. The beach itself is a long, languid stretch of golden sand with shallow slopes leading to the beautiful blue waters which make it perfect for water sports.

The location also means that boats trips are available to the island of Kos or even over to the Greek mainland, giving plenty of options for those looking to explore even more of the eastern Mediterranean area.

Although the whole Peninsula is named after the town of Bodrum it isn’t the only major attraction in the region. Gumbet is a resort that has its own range of attractions and an identity that is distinct from its slightly larger sister town.

Here the beautiful beach is the focal point around which a selection of restaurants – both traditional and contemporary – offers some of the finest cuisine in the area. The cafe and club culture also means that Gumbet is perfect for those who like a lively and vibrant nightlife to combine with their daytime sun-seeking activities.

Ditch Bodrum for Istanbul

Istanbul Cistern

It’s really easy to find the cheapest airline tickets to package holiday destinations. Pick one of the ones you know to be overdeveloped and overcrowded; the Costa del Sol, Majorca, Faliraki… you get the picture, and you’ll see just how cheap they are. A lot of people who decide to go a little further afield and go for Turkey, choose one of the coastal resorts such as Bodrum.

Tourists think they’re getting the Turkish experience with tours organised by travel agencies paying a visit to things like the Turkish baths, where the men giving massages to tourists in bikinis sometimes look genuinely ashamed. Tours might take you out on a boat or to a local bar and the guides act as if you are getting the ‘local’ experience. But it certainly doesn’t always feel that way.

Istanbul sunset

While Turkey is a secular country, Islam is the dominant religion. Some of the Turkish people who live and work in the coastal resorts seem caught between dismay at the skimpily clad tourists and a delight in the business those tourists bring in. Covering up may not even help prove your modesty that much. Also, the famous markets in places like Bodrum may be big, but a lot of the things sold there are dodgy (like mouldy tobacco). It’s not necessarily worth spending your money on most of it.

There’s a bit of a lack of beach in places and the sea is a bit devoid of sea-life. If you want to come to visit Turkey, ignore the package deals and book yourself on to a historical tour to less tourist frequented beach destinations and see all the things of archaeological significance. Or visit Istanbul.

In Istanbul you will find the Istanbul Archaeology Museums. These include the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of the Ancient Orient and the Museum of Islamic Art.  The Blue Mosque has to be the most famous and iconic of the buildings in the city. While there are hundreds of stunning buildings that were built during the many years the powerful Ottoman Empire was ruling, the Blue Mosque is the picture that makes it to your postcard. The interior is covered in thousands of blue tiles that lend themselves to the name of the building itself. There are many domes and minarets and the patterns in the interior are phenomenal. Another resplendent building in the city is Topkapi Palace, home over the years to sultans and consorts. One of the most interesting of all the fabulous things to see here is the Gate of the White Eunuchs. The entrance leads to the Third Court, which was once staffed by White Eunuchs. Also here is the Imperial Treasury, which holds many fascinating objects including the Topkapi Dagger, which has three massive emeralds in the hilt.

Istanbul Topkapi Palace - Middle Gate

Be sure to book yourself into a good restaurant at some time during your stay so you can sample kebabs and koftas as well as spicy tomato-based dishes. Try the yoghurt drink Ayran alongside the spicy dishes and for dessert a delicious baklava.

This is a guest post from John Hutchinson.  John has enjoyed travelling since he was a young boy when his parents first took him to visit family overseas. Since leaving home, John has tracked down family all over the world and regularly jets off to faraway lands to see distant relatives.