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Discover The Ancient History of Cyprus

While Cyprus is associated with Mediterranean sun and banking crises in the minds of most travelers, the truth is that Cyprus has a long and varied history, making it the perfect destination for anyone who is fascinated by archaeology and ancient monuments. In fact, evidence exists of Neolithic communities on the south coast of Cyprus around Aetokremnos dating to 10,000 B.C., making Cyprus home to some of the world’s earliest examples of human civilization.

Visitors looking to understand the history of Cyprus could do no better than to start with Khirokitia, a Neolithic village dating to about 6800 B.C. that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Consisting of a set of well-preserved round stone structures that served as home to between 300 and 600 inhabitants, Khirokitia shows signs of a well-developed society engaged in hunting and farming. The site is open to visitors year-round, and makes an excellent introduction to the history of Cyprus. If you are planning to travel to Cyprus, you can find Cyprus Airways best deals on

Ruins in Cyprus

Cyprus has been shaped by many Mediterranean cultures, including settlement by the Mycenaeans starting in about 1400 B.C. Subsequent waves of Greek settlers, following the collapse of the Mycenaean culture, established much of the Greek character of the island. Indeed Cyprus occupies an important place in Greek mythology, being the birthplace of both Aphrodite and Adonis. There are numerous Greek sites in Cyprus, with perhaps the best-known being Kourion. Founded in the 13th century B.C., Kourion includes a number of Greek and Roman monuments, including an ancient stadium, a theater, a bath house, and spectacular mosaic floors.

Another impressive site that is open to visitors is the ancient town of Palaipafos, located near the modern town of Palos. This site, originally a walled city, contains many significant monuments, including the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, which was mentioned by Homer among others, a Roman house with extraordinary mosaics dating to the second century A.D., and the palace of Hadji Abdulla, the residence of the Persian governor in the fifth century B.C.

Following the division of the Roman Empire, Cyprus came under the influence of Byzantium and, following an Arabic invasion in 650, was subject to joint Arabic and Byzantine rule for 300 years before reverting to Byzantine control. There are a large number of Byzantine churches that date to this time, many of which are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Monuments.

In 1191 A.D., Cyprus fell to Richard the Lionheart, and then quickly fell under Frankish rule. Again, many impressive buildings date to this period, including Kolossi Castle, a Crusader stronghold, and the Royal Manor House in Kouklia. 


Subsequent Venetian, Ottoman and British rule all placed their stamp on Cyprus, creating a rich tapestry of interwoven cultures and architectures, each with its own particular beauty and merits. Today, Cyprus is a microcosm of the progress of human history around the Mediterranean and beyond, giving travelers the opportunity to experience huge diversity in a contained geographic area.



Set Your Sights on Cyprus

Surrounded by sea, kissed by the sun, and blessed with plenty of attractions to suit just about every taste, it’s surprising that Cyprus isn’t more popular than it is. Of course, that in itself is another selling point. Many regulars come to this idyllic Mediterranean getaway year after year to escape the crowds that hound the more popular European vacation spots. With oodles of cheap flights to Cyprus from Europe, and attractions like the following, it’s easy to see why they keep coming back.

World Class Beaches

With sweeping white sand and a shortage of crowds – but no shortage of amenities — the beaches of Cyprus are as plentiful as they are varied. Paphos Municipal Beach is small but easy to reach. The beach at Coral Bay is more secluded, but stunning and well worth the effort to get to. Vardas Beach is the place to go if you’re after good food and music. And St. George Beach offers up just about everything the family will need in a compact, easily accessible package.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Paphos Castle

For such a wee little island, Cyprus packs quite a punch in the history department. The island is home to three uniquely different UNESCO World Heritage sites. Head for the hills, or more specifically, to the Troodos mountains to take in the ornately decorated Byzantine Painted Churches. Then take in the Neolithic settlement of Choirokoitia and the ancient city of Paphos to get your fill of fortresses, ruins, tombs and plenty more of all that is ancient.

Fasauri Watermania

If lying on the one of the many perfect beaches Cyprus has to offer gets to be too tiresome, head over to Fasauri Watermania to get some real action. With ride names like “Kamikaze Slide” and “Tarzan Swing” the largest waterpark in Cyprus offers plenty of fun for all ages. It’s even got the largest wave pool in all of Europe.