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The most gay friendly cities in Europe


When it comes to the gay friendly destinations, there are more and more cities that respect the gay communities. We are definitely moving towards a more tolerant and democratic world. However, there are some cities that exceed the level of one’s expectations when it comes to organizing events, having amazing meeting points and wild parties for the gay communities from all over the world.

One such place is the sophisticated London. From Soho to Vauxhall, London proves to be a highly tolerant city when it comes to diversity. If it’s your first time in London, check out the famous Soho, where you can see what gay parties are on and which are the best places to go if you are looking to have some fun. Vauxhall complements Soho by adding more pubs, discos and entertaining opportunities for the gay communities to enjoy.

Spain is extremely well known for its many gay friendly cities. Gran Canaria probably has the most pubs and clubs dedicated to the gay community. The Yumbo Shopping Center is one of Gran Canaria’s most amazing venues for the GLBT people. Usually the people who come here are mostly Spanish, but there are some British and Germans as well. However, this shopping center is open to GLBT people from all over the world, no matter what nationality they are. Another fabulous place from Gran Canaria is Maspalamos, a more relaxing alternative for the gay people who want to meet up. MalagaBarcelona and Madrid are also famous for their numerous districts, amazing festivals and wild clubs dedicated to the GLBT.

Gay beach

Amsterdam is another magnificent location that embraces the gay communities as much as Spain and London. There are a lot of festivals dedicated to the GLBT every year in Amesterdam: the Canal Parade, the Leather Pride, the Amsterdam’s Gay Parade and the Fetish Fantasy Weekend are all festivals that millions of gay people proudly attend every year.

Berlin is awesome when it comes to gay districts and festivals. It’s simply a city that has it all. Gay libraries, museums, magazines, parks, parades, it’s really the Heaven of the Gay people here! Schöneberg, Nollendorfplatz, Kreuzberg are just three of the areas in Berlin devoted to the gay community. Here is where most of the gay people meet up to go to fancy clubs, classy restaurants or simply enjoy each other’s company and socialize in squares that have been a meeting point for the GLBT communities for tens of years.

Gay Pride Toulouse France

Copenhagen is another city where most of the locals are open minded and relaxed, so there are many gay people who visit this impressive city. Although there are plenty of gay pubs and clubs, the LGBT are not necessarily going only to those venues, because it is such a free city, that they can have fun wherever they want.

It is great to see that so many countries are not only open to LGBT tourists, but they are doing their best to organize thrilling festivals, exciting parades and amazing events!


Day Trips from Vienna

Home to Freud, opera, classical music and associated with plenty that just screams “fancy,” Vienna is one of the most elegant cities on the planet. The thing is, it’s still a city. And sometimes you just need to get out of the concrete jungle (as beautiful as this one happens to be) and explore what’s beyond the hustle and bustle.

Here are some worthy options if you’re contemplating your choices for day trips from Vienna.

Liechtenstein Castle

A mere 20 minutes outside of Vienna’s city centre will find you in the wee little town of Molding, known for that behemoth on the edge of town — Liechtenstein Castle. Just don’t confuse it with the taller, cliff-hugging Lichtenstein astle in neighbouring Germany. Built in 1130 as a tribute to the then current Prince, this sprawling castle housed the royals for over 200 years. It’s now privately owned (one of the few in Austria) and a guided tour takes about 50 minutes. 


Salzburg Austria at night, day trips from Vienna

Consistently lauded as one of the most picturesque cities in the world (believe me — it is!), Salzburg really deserves more than just a day. But if you’re intent to see it in one, leave early — it takes about 2 and a half hours to get here from Vienna. Alternatively, you could conceivably book a flight that would get you there in about 45 minutes (check fly.co.uk for flights from Vienna.) Once you do make your way there, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to things to. Salzburg’s beautiful old town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) competes with attractions such as its imposing fortress, and the nearby Sound of Music sites for your time.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava Slovakia

One of the great things about Europe is that everything is so close — and that goes for countries too. The Slovakian capital of Bratislava is only an hour train ride from downtown Vienna, so if you’d like to add another country to your bucket list, you may want to consider this day trip. Bratislava’s Old Town is grittier than Salzburg’s, but its astonishingly beautiful nonetheless. A short public bus ride will take you to Delvin Castle on the city’s outskirts, and the views from the these ruins are well worth the short climb — it’s unparalleled in this region. 

What other day trips from Vienna do you know about?

Go West in Ireland

Sligo Abbey, Sligo, Ireland

The west coast of Ireland is the perfect place to lose yourself and take the time to get away from it all. To make sure you take in as much of this beautiful landscape as possible, it’s best to drive along the coast and you can find cheap hire cars available to collect when you arrive at any of the west coast airports.

Begin your journey in the north-west at Donegal. Here you’ll discover everything that Ireland is famous for. Starting in the centre of town, visit the recently restored Donegal Castle for an insight into Ireland’s troubled past before discovering ‘The Diamond’ of Donegal in the heart of the town. Here you’ll find a thriving traditional music scene, pubs, shops and plenty of places to eat. With Donegal being at the base of the Bluestack Mountains, it’s the perfect place to stay to explore the rest of the County. Take a drive north to Glenveagh National Park which, with its 16,000 hectares of lakes, mountains and boglands, will quite literally take your breath away. Ireland does spectacular scenery very well.

Donegal castle, Donegal, Ireland

Once you’ve explored Donegal, it’s time to head south on the N15 to Sligo, the county made famous by the poet WB Yeats. Driving here, it’s easy to see why he was so captivated by Sligo as its beauty is truly poetic. On the way down to Sligo, take a detour to Glencar to see the waterfalls here – they are utterly breathtaking and well worth the stop off to visit. If you have time, also stop at Rosses Point just off the N15 and 5 miles from Sligo town. It’s the perfect beach to relax on and stretch your legs whilst drinking in the view across the bay. Sligo town has much to offer too, as well as the traditional Irish way of life which you will be welcomed into with open arms.

Glencar Waterfalls_ County Leitrim_ Connaught_ Ireland

Within the town itself is Sligo Abbey, dating back to the 13th century and looming large over the town is Ben Bulben, a mountain which inspired Yeats’ final poem. Heading further west along the coast, take a drive out to Strandhill. Here you can indulge in some surfing on one of the finest points to do so on the Irish coast and then take a hike up Knocknarea Mountain where you’ll find the ancient tomb of Queen Maeve. On the road back to Sligo from here, detour off to Carrowmore to see the largest collection of megalithic tombs in Ireland.

Kinvara, Galway Bay, Ireland

From Sligo, it;s back onto the road, taking the N17 south for 90 miles to Galway. Here in Ireland’s third largest city, you’ll find the cultural heart of the country with many festivals, events and activities available to enjoy. Check the local paper for details of what’s going on during your stay. The city has much to offer if you want to explore its deep history and a visit to the city museum is a good place to start. You should also check out Galway’s cathedral, which dominates the skyline with its large dome.

Natalie Likness‘ love of travel was introduced to her from an early age due to a trip abroad before she was even born! Having close family and making friends across the world, she has continued to travel ever since.

Hidden Gems of Northern Europe

Riga Old Town, Latvia via Snezana Utovka

Home to some of Europe’s most exciting cities and breathtaking landscapes, there is so much to be explored and discovered in Northern Europe.

Encompassing seven countries and six different currencies, an essential part of touring Northern Europe is organizing your finances. There are some great exchange rates to be found online, as well as extensive information on the various currencies accepted throughout the continent.

From the medieval streets of Lithuania’s capital to the beautiful beaches of Bornholm, we take a look at some of Northern Europe’s hidden gems.

Riga Latvia Old Town

 Riga Old Town, Latvia

Amongst the winding, Kafkaesque streets of Riga’s Old Town you’ll find a multitude of historical and cultural treasures. Begin your exploration at the Town Hall in the heart of the city, where you’ll also find a range of historical and architecturally significant buildings such as St Peter’s Church (the oldest in Riga), the House of Blackheads and the Statue of Roland. When night falls, the quaint idyll of the Old Town makes way for revelry and partying, producing an interesting mix of old and new, beauty and glitz.

Cape Kolka Latvia

Cape Kolka, Latvia

Situated in on the north-western tip of Latvia, Cape Kolka is a picturesque spot where the Baltic Sea meets the Gulf of Riga. This remote, unspoiled location has remained relatively untouched by developers, leaving windswept, white sand beaches and a wild coastline to explore in peace and quiet. The nearby village of Kolka sits on the top of the cape and is the perfect spot from which to explore the sandy beaches, Slitere lighthouse and rugged landscape.

 Vilnius Old town

Vilnius Old Town, Lithuania

The Lithuanian capital of Vilnius is home to one of the largest medieval towns in Northern Europe. While away the days walking amongst the baroque buildings, intricate spires and meandering lanes, stopping off at one of the quaint cafes or unique shops nestled amid the towns stunning streets. With architecture dating back to the 13th century, a visit to Vilnius provides a fascinating glimpse into Lithuanian life as it was hundreds of years ago.

Bornholm Denmark church

Bornholm, Denmark

Boasting the title of Denmark’s sunniest spot, Bornholm is a pastoral island situated to the east of the mainland. Home to 30km of stunning coastline, the island is popular amongst tourists from Eastern Europe, but remains relatively unknown by those further afield. Whilst the undiscovered beauty of this glorious island is all part of its charm, it would be a shame to miss the dramatic cliffs, picturesque bike rides and dazzling beaches of Bornholm off your itinerary.