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London Transport Museum in Covent Garden Flower Market

Covent Garden Market - London

Covent Garden is home to many historic structures and little pieces of history are scattered across this patch of London.  Covent Garden is also home to the London Transport Museum, a museum celebrating and explaining the transport in Britain’s capital city.  Famous for double decker red buses and its underground network, the city of London’s history is intertwined with its transport.  Visit the London Transport Museum and stay in one of Travelodge’s hotels near Covent Garden, with many food, drink and entertainment options, it’s one of the best places to visit in central London.

The London Transport Museum is a favourite amongst history enthusiasts and those with a real and passionate interest in transportation and its history.  The Museum itself is the product of a collection started in the 1920s with just two horse buses and an early motorbus.  This collection was then moved between venues as it grew and is now split between the Covent Garden site and a depot in Acton.  The Covent Garden museum has now been a feature for 33 years and is still well visited and kept up to date.  Built of cast iron and glass, the building that now houses the London Transport Museum was designed as the central flower market of the district. 

London Transport Museum

 It’s not only train and bus mad historians that love London Transport Museum.  It seems there’s something inbuilt in little boys about trains and anything with wheels.  They love all things transport and for those with an inquisitive mind the museum offers the perfect source of new questions.  Not to leave out the little girls who of course may be more into trains than the boys – there is so much to see and discover at the transport museum that everyone will be enthralled.  Even as an adult it’s difficult to get your head around the fact that in just over 90 years transport has evolved from horse drawn carts to cars that can break the sound barrier.  Also discover how the underground was created and why, and imagine being one of the first to ride on it.  It must have been pretty scary trusting a train below the surface back then. 

Double Decker Bus London England

The future of London’s transportation networks is a topic of debate with sustainability being at its heart.  The 2012 London Olympic Games meant a huge overhaul of the transport networks in the city to cater for all the extra visitors, this meant big investment in the future of the city, breathing new life back into parts of the tube and a revamp of the bus system.  The mayor, Boris Johnston, has famously also installed pay-per-use bikes, or “Boris bikes” all over inner London as an alternative for those who would ordinarily turn to taxis, cars or public transport to get around the city.

London Transport Museum is at the heart of Covent Garden, and is a great place to discover a little segment of history.  Take your children for free and watch them be amazed by how far technology has come over time – and be a little bit amazed yourself!