How to Survive While Driving in Exhausting Heat

Long and hot summer days are a perfect time for adventures, and your car is definitely in want of a cool drive. You’ve bought new summer tyres, planned your itinerary in details, and packed your belonging…but you still aren’t ready enough to hit the road. Travelling by car in a trying heat requires much more More »

The Best Outdoor Adventures in California

Although states like Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Montana and Florida are hailed for their wide array of outdoor adventures, the massive state of California also has plenty to offer nature lovers.   From pristine mountain lakes and flourishing redwood forests to sunny beaches and sandy desert dunes, these are the best spots for outdoor exploration in More »

The Beauty of Okinawa Japan

I must admit, I don’t know a lot about Japan. It’s on my bucket list to be sure, but beyond Geishas, snow monkeys, and the bright lights of Tokyo, I’m not that fully versed in the country and what else it has to offer. Blame it on action films and nature documentaries, but the Western More »

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The Best of the UK

The United Kingdom boasts a wealth of attractions for every member of the family. So many in fact, it’s hard to choose just a few to highlight. But if you’re debating how to spend your vacation dollars, you can’t go wrong with any of the following:

National Space Centre

For weekend breaks that don’t cost the earth, head into space. The National Space Centre that is. The word “space” doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you think of the UK, but the award-winning National Space Centre in Leicester is excellent choice if you’re looking for a quick weekend break. The UK’s attraction dedicated entirely to space, the National Space Centre offers hours of interactive fun and self-discovery. There’s even a nifty planetarium to keep you (and the kids) occupied for hours. 

The Royal Opera House Tea Dance

Royal Opera House London

Named by Lonely Planet as one of Best UK Attractions for 2013, the tea dances offer an unparalleled “back-in-time” experience where you can waltz, tango, cha cha cha and quickstep to the Royal Opera Dance Band at this London landmark. Check their website for dates and times throughout the year.

British Museum

British Museum Best of the UK

The most visited site in all the United Kingdom for 2012, London’s British Museum never fails to impress. From the inspired design of the building to the rotating exhibits, there is no doubt that every family member will find something that appeals to them here. And good news for the budget-conscious – admission is free.

National Football Museum

If you find yourself keen on cheap short breaks out of the city of London, head to Manchester where you can find no better attraction than the National Football Museum. The museum houses the world’s greatest football collection with over 140,000 items, and explores everything related to the “world’s greatest sport.” Five floors of interactive exhibits dedicated to football past and present are open to the public. And again, like the British Museum in London, admission if free.

The Coast

A visit to the UK would not be complete without a visit to the coast. Did you know that there’s a stellar beach only 43 miles from London? It’s in the town of Skegness — there’s even a Butlin’s resort here with a stellar waterpark if you’re hesitant to dip your toes in the sometimes chilly ocean.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Dominating the skyline of Edinburgh in Scotland, the massive Edinburgh Castle is not only one of the largest, it’s also the city’s oldest building. The Crown Jewels are on display here, including the Crown, Sceptre, and Sword of State which are the oldest Crown Jewels in the United Kingdom. Coveted by kings, the historical Stone of Destiny – built into a throne by King Edward I —  is also on view within the castle walls.