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Hidden Gems of Northern Europe

Riga Old Town, Latvia via Snezana Utovka

Home to some of Europe’s most exciting cities and breathtaking landscapes, there is so much to be explored and discovered in Northern Europe.

Encompassing seven countries and six different currencies, an essential part of touring Northern Europe is organizing your finances. There are some great exchange rates to be found online, as well as extensive information on the various currencies accepted throughout the continent.

From the medieval streets of Lithuania’s capital to the beautiful beaches of Bornholm, we take a look at some of Northern Europe’s hidden gems.

Riga Latvia Old Town

 Riga Old Town, Latvia

Amongst the winding, Kafkaesque streets of Riga’s Old Town you’ll find a multitude of historical and cultural treasures. Begin your exploration at the Town Hall in the heart of the city, where you’ll also find a range of historical and architecturally significant buildings such as St Peter’s Church (the oldest in Riga), the House of Blackheads and the Statue of Roland. When night falls, the quaint idyll of the Old Town makes way for revelry and partying, producing an interesting mix of old and new, beauty and glitz.

Cape Kolka Latvia

Cape Kolka, Latvia

Situated in on the north-western tip of Latvia, Cape Kolka is a picturesque spot where the Baltic Sea meets the Gulf of Riga. This remote, unspoiled location has remained relatively untouched by developers, leaving windswept, white sand beaches and a wild coastline to explore in peace and quiet. The nearby village of Kolka sits on the top of the cape and is the perfect spot from which to explore the sandy beaches, Slitere lighthouse and rugged landscape.

 Vilnius Old town

Vilnius Old Town, Lithuania

The Lithuanian capital of Vilnius is home to one of the largest medieval towns in Northern Europe. While away the days walking amongst the baroque buildings, intricate spires and meandering lanes, stopping off at one of the quaint cafes or unique shops nestled amid the towns stunning streets. With architecture dating back to the 13th century, a visit to Vilnius provides a fascinating glimpse into Lithuanian life as it was hundreds of years ago.

Bornholm Denmark church

Bornholm, Denmark

Boasting the title of Denmark’s sunniest spot, Bornholm is a pastoral island situated to the east of the mainland. Home to 30km of stunning coastline, the island is popular amongst tourists from Eastern Europe, but remains relatively unknown by those further afield. Whilst the undiscovered beauty of this glorious island is all part of its charm, it would be a shame to miss the dramatic cliffs, picturesque bike rides and dazzling beaches of Bornholm off your itinerary.