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A closer look at Benidorm

Like some other famous holiday destinations, the resort of Benidorm is associated with some stereotypes. In the case of Benidorm, misleading ideas about it have developed during different periods of its development.


Firstly, the place is sometimes viewed as being rowdy because of some excessive partying that happened in the 1980s. Secondly, Benidorm is occasionally thought of as being for elderly people because some senior citizens choose to enjoy its mild winters. In fact, the resort is ideal for tourists of all ages, and it is also worth noting that just because Benidorm is affordable it does not mean that it lacks good quality accommodation. 

The distinctive qualities of Benidorm

There are several factors that do make Benidorm unique. The high proportion of British tourists means that visitors from the UK feel especially welcome in the resort. Amazing skyscrapers have given Benidorm a skyline which is dissimilar to any other in the Costa Blanca. The microclimate of Benidorm is particularly pleasant, and its old section is of some interest.

Benidorm beach

However, Benidorm does have some great qualities which do not make it stand out from its rivals. For example, clean beaches within Benidorm mean that it is a handy spot from which to take advantage of the Mediterranean Sea. It is this blend of the different and the similar which arguably makes the resort such a popular choice. 

Accommodation in Benidorm

There is a variety of accommodation within the resort. Self-catering apartment blocks rub shoulders with hotels. There is quite a lot of choice, but many tourists are tempted by hotels because they permit a high degree of relaxation. Some of the hotels of Benidorm are all-inclusive and come with a range of attractive facilities. Palm Beach Benidorm is a good hotel and more about it can be discovered by doing a bit of research. A brief look at Jet2holidays’ website shows that the hotel features swimming pools inside and out. 

Other things to do in Benidorm

Apart from sunbathing, swimming and nightlife, Benidorm does provide tourists with plenty to do. Some events only take place at particular times of the year, but there are a significant number of permanent attractions too.

City streets of Benidorm Costa Blanca Spain

The likes of water parks have proved themselves down the years. In addition to the spectacular side of life, Benidorm has ordinary facilities which many tourists appreciate. For instance, there are lots of shops in the resort and they typically do well, catering for the broad tastes of their visitors.  


The White Isle

The White Isle, also known as Ibiza, makes for a fantastic holiday destination for holidaymakers from all walks of life. Far from its image of nightclubs and DJs, Ibiza is not just an island for clubbers and party animals. Yes, the resorts of San Antonio and Ibiza Town are certainly crammed with clubbers during the summer months, but as for the rest of the island, it’s a different story. 

Famed for their family-friendly appeal, the Balearic Islands serve up a wide range of holiday retreats boasting a wonderfully warm summer climate and that classic holiday combo of sun, sea and sand. Whether you’re after a cheap holiday to Ibiza or an exclusive escape, there are plenty of choices on offer on the beautiful White Isle.

If you’ve got the kids in tow, try the low-key resort of Portinatx. Based in the far north of the island, this attractive little Ibizan town boasts a beautiful sheltered bay, flanked by rocky outcrops and boasting clear, shallow waters that makes it ideal for little paddling feet. There’s a smattering of hotels and entertainment venues here so, come nightfall, you can take the kids for some tasty Spanish cuisine or dine at your hotel for a more varied choice.

ES Ibiza Reiseziel 5

If you’re after a cheap holiday to Ibiza, you’ll find a range of special offers and deals for resorts all over the island. Try a tour operator like Thomas Cook and search online for holiday discounts. This might come in the form of last-minute departures, or early bird deals on next summer’s departures. Booking early is a great way to save money because, not only can you benefit from early booking deals, you will also have longer to pay off the cost of your booking and enjoy extra time to save some spending money too. 

So whether you want a cheap holiday to Ibiza or a lavish summer retreat, the White Isle is the place to be.

Chasing the sun in Alcudia

Summer is coming, and that means one thing – holidays! Who doesn’t dream of endless sunny days, frolicking on the beach, dripping ice creams, paddling in the sea, and practically living in flip flops?

Summer holidays are what memories are made of, and one family favourite is the sunshine island of Majorca. With a number of fantastic resorts to choose from, Majorca is hugely popular in peak season, especially the north coast resort of Alcudia.

Due to its popularity, there are many flights heading to the Balearics, with fantastic prices on offer. These days, it’s all about saving money wherever possible, so I’d recommend doing some serious research into airport extras; fantastic services which enhance your travel experience, whilst often saving you hard-earned pennies too. I rarely travel without airport parking these days, having found the convenience far too hard to leave behind, and the price doesn’t hurt either! There are facilities available from most major UK airports, including Manchester Airport parking from Holiday Extras, for flights from the north.

Saving money before you land, means more Euros to spend whilst you’re there, which is never a bad thing! Alcudia offers plenty for everyone, be it golfing for enthusiasts, water-sports for those that love a day’s splashing, history, shopping, or just good old beach time.


I’d recommend getting out and about, to really explore your surroundings. Buses aren’t the greatest, but Alcudia is small enough to explore on foot, however if you want to go further afield, I’d suggest heading to Palma – the cathedral is really impressive, and there are many shopping opportunities too.

Back in Alcudia, the Old Town is a must visit, with its quaint winding streets and beautiful Baroque church. If you’re like me, you’ll love shopping, and this is the perfect opportunity to use those saved Euros from pre-booking great value airport extras, such as Holiday Extras offers on Gatwick parking or Heathrow parking. The main shopping action in terms of high street stores is over in Palma, however I’d highly recommend heading to the market in the Old Town for a spot of souvenir shopping. The market takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and is a great place to grab a bargain or two. 

Of course, summer holidays are about the beach, and Alcudia has plenty of sand space to choose from! The beaches are safe for children and there are plenty of water-sports on offer. I’d really recommend heading out and sampling some water-sports fun, as it’s a fantastic way to cool down in the intense heat. There are also sun-beds and cafes to make beach time a relaxing experience.

Playa de Alcudia Majorca Spain

When the sun goes down, and those long summer days come to an end, the moon brings about the evening’s entertainment. Nobody will go hungry in Alcudia, as there’s plenty of restaurants offering international menus. If you’re into traditional cuisine, which I’d suggest you try, then head to the Old Town or the back streets, where you’ll find more Majorican-style restaurants. The seafood around this part of town is particularly good.

For good old summer holiday fun, Alcudia is a fantastic choice, and with many great-value deals on offer this summer, why not head to Majorca for your annual two weeks in the sun?

What’s New Around Mount Teide

Mount Teide, Volcano, Tenerife Canary Islands

Mount Teide in Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands in Spain, is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the Atlantic. It’s also a volcano that’s teeming with activity – thankfully, none of it involving lava (at least at the moment anyway.) The area around Mount Teide is abuzz right now, partially due to the following initiatives.


Festival de Cortos Villa de La Orotava

Although you’ve just missed it this year, the Festival de Cortos Villa de La Orotava  in the town of La Orotava goes into it’s 8th year in 2013. Growing from its humble roots, this Short Film Festival is fast becoming a popular launching pad for independent filmmakers. It’s mostly in Spanish though, so better brush up if you plan to attend.

Tenerife Top Training Centre

Tenerife Top Training pool

After the London 2012 Olympics, many of the UK athletes headed off on Canary Island holidays for some much needed rest and relaxation. But did you know many of them were here before too?  But they weren’t here on holiday. At the recent World Travel Market in London, swimmer Joanne Jackson estimated about half of the British Olympic team had trained in Tenerife – including cyclist Bradley Wiggins and triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee.

Tenerife Top Training Centre (also known as T3) is one of the centres the athletes trained at. Located in La Caleta in the southwest corner of the island, many Olympic hopefuls come to train here because of the ideal weather year-round, and the fact that it’s only one time zone away from the UK – a perfect combination that allows them to hit the ground running.

Volcanic Trails

tenerife hiking trails mount teide

As part of an initiative by the Tenerife Tourism Corporation’s called “Tenerife, Volcanoes of Life” a series of hiking and walking trails have been developed around Mount Teide and surrounding island volcanoes.

In an apparent effort to branch out from the beach and party destination the island has been labeled with, the Tenerife Tourism Corporation in conjunction with scientists from the Canary Islands Institute of Volcanology and the Council of Tenerife have created the trails in five volcanic areas around the island. The themes for each area are: Ancient Volcanoes, Legendary Volcanoes, Two Valleys, Pumice Landscapes and Land of Contrasts.

Since Tenerife is home to the highest volcanic cone in the world as well as over 100 craters and “badlands” — barren lava surfaces that have eroded over the centuries, it makes sense to finally develop a system of trails for tourists.

Besides, you can’t spend all your day at the beach.