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Quirky Things to Do In Glasgow

Unique, Odd, & Unusual Things to do in Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow – the largest city of Scotland has turned itself from an industrial city to a tourist attraction in a matter of a few years. This is known to be the shopping center of the British and is one of the most famous cities in Europe. While you can enjoy the shopping malls, Glasgow Science Centre and the Tall ship but there are other Things to Do in Glasgow that you will love. These tourist attractions are worthy to watch but there are also some odd and unusual places in Glasgow that you would like to see.

1. Things to Do in Glasgow: Meet The Loch Ness Monster!

Black and White Loch Ness Monster -- Loch Ness, Scotland

While technically not in Glasgow, the lake where this legend resides can be driven to and fro in a day. The story goes that there is a serpent like monster living under the  loch. Many enthusiastic souls come to Scotland just to look at this mystic creature. If monster-spotting is not your thing, then you can take in view of the Loch Ness lake or enjoy a day of fishing.

2. Things to Do in Glasgow: Ghost Hunting

The Arches at Glasgow Central Station -- things to do in Glasgow Scotland

This can be found at the Arches that are below Glasgow Central Station. The legend says that a ghost who is called “The Little Girl” Resides here. This girl can be seen wearing old clothes under these arches and roam around during the night time. Eyewitnesses swear on a stack of Bibles that this “Little Girl” ghost does exist. If you’ve got the right constitution,  you might even like to visit this place at night…alone.

3. Things to Do in Glasgow: Reston Mather

Provan Hall, Glasgow Scotland

Blochairn House and Provan Hall is yet another haunted destination worth your visit. Though nobody knows how the rumour started, the legend goes that the last owner and resident of the house Reston Mather is still living in this place, only without his body. If that weren’t enough, the Provan Hall of this house is supposed to house two more ghosts a boy (young, around 15) and a woman that is supposed to be a phantom. The legend says that these two were murdered in the same building and are still dwelling here.

4. Things to Do in Glasgow: Barlinnie Prison

HMP_Barlinnie, Glasgow Scotland

Don’t worry, the ghost here is kept behind a firm wall of thick bricks. The origin is unknown but it is said that a women holding a lantern is seen in this prison, in the surgery wing of the old penitentiary. How she came to be there, nobody knows, but she is indeed there. If you do come across her, she’s easily recognizable by her Victorian clothes. And that fact that she’s dead of course. That’s sort of a giveaway as well.

What quirky or unusual things to do in Glasgow do you know?