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A little planning…

I find the idea of packing for two weeks completely unnatural. How’s a girl supposed to know what outfit she’s going to wear day and night for 14 whole days?! What happened to a woman’s prerogative to change her mind?

Unfortunately no matter what airline you go for, none will let you take your entire wardrobe, shoe collection and make up box. It’s a shame, but that’s life.

So how to go about this mammoth task?

Well, my suggestion is the trusty list.

I know this sounds very sad, and trust me, I’ve been teased for it mercilessly, but I’ve never once forgotten anything, so there must be some good in it. I write lists. I list everything I want to take, I look at it, leave it, and go back to it. Then I usually cross off quite a lot because it was completely unrealistic in the first place. What I’m left with is what I pack and take with me.

A little careful consideration is all it takes.

Sad it may be, but at least I have everything I need.

Vintage Suitcases

Packing itself is stressful and can turn even the most laid-back of people into a swearing, sweaty mess. What if you forget something important? Well if you do, you can always buy it in resort. These days you’ll always find somewhere that sells a toothbrush, so set aside your panics about forgetting all important items, and concentrate on the more pressing matter to hand – outfits, and whether you really can justify taking that pair of killer-heels.

No you can’t, holiday resort pavements, sun-cream and high heels are not a good combination – trust me, I know.

When you’ve fought with your conscious over the amount of clothing you can jam into your case, Its time to book those often overlooked, but very important things, like airport car parking. as well as saving money and stress levels, pre-booking an airport parking prior to travelling is always advisable.

The last few times I’ve been away, my flights have been extremely early in the morning, and like so many others, I don’t cope well when sleep deprived, so this having things like this sorted before hand is a must. Check out Heathrow airport parking when heading out of the capital, or Parking at Bristol Airport when coming from the West. Both offer convenience and great prices, so go on, treat yourself!

Manchester Duty Free Shop

The money you save from being able to Compare Airport Parking can also be put to great use in duty-free, one of my favourite things about going away. Often the stress of ‘have I forgotten my straighteners?’ is completely forgotten once I walk towards the store with the magic words – ‘duty free’. My idea of heaven.

The stress of packing is enough to make me believe that you truly do deserve a holiday at the end of it! It’s my least favourite thing about going away, but a means to an end, and once I’m at the airport, my suitcase is out of my hands and (hopefully) on the right flight, then I’m all about sun, sea and sangria.
Happy holidays!

Holidays are just getting better

Gatwick airport

Over the years I’ve definitely become better at going on holiday. Through trial and error, tips from friends and experience I’ve learned a few things that have meant each holiday I go on is slightly better than the last. On my first holiday I don’t think I even took sun cream and now I pack travel toilet paper and insect repellent. Needless to say I’ve learnt a lot and I’m a pretty good holidaymaker now. However, by no means have I reached the end of my holiday learning.

I recently discovered the joys of booking into an airport hotel before my flight. I check-in the night before I’m due to depart and get to enjoy all the fun of a cosy hotel and an extra day of holiday rather than sitting around stressing about holiday details. My first experience like this was at one of the Stansted airport hotels and then I tried one of the hotels near Heathrow. Both were great, really top notch hotels with amazing facilities and excellent food. I could have stayed a lot longer that’s for sure. A friend of mine spends a lot of time in the Dublin airport hotels and assures me they’re second to none, so it seems that wherever you’re flying from airport hotels are fantastic.


Image Thos Gee via Picasa

It’s a great way to start your holiday because it removes the stress and hassle that you’d normally go through on departure day and instead you just relax and unwind in the comfort of a lovely hotel. It’s like getting a head start on your holiday. Next up I’ve booked a Gatwick hotel and parking and I think the parking probably counts as the next lesson in better holidays. I got the same deal I’d usually get but at a much better price when I booked with the hotel, in my mind that’s pretty good news.

I genuinely think that booking into an airport hotel is one of the best improvements I’ve made to my holidays. Granted, sun cream has to top the list but airport hotels aren’t far behind. I get great pleasure from making the most of the hotel facilities for an evening and settling in for a bit of wining and dining while I think of the stress and panic I used to endure. I now start each and every trip with a smile on my face and a belly full of breakfast rather than rushed off my feet, irritable and grumpy. I’ll never book a holiday without an airport hotel again.

This has been a sponsored guest post from HolidayExtras