How to Carry Travel Gear on a Motorbike

There’s something about a great road trip that can make us feel truly free. A motorbike road trip, however, can really take the euphoric feelings of freedom to a whole new level. Feel the rush as you explore new terrain and take to the open road on your bike. Whether you’re going away for a More »

How to Survive While Driving in Exhausting Heat

Long and hot summer days are a perfect time for adventures, and your car is definitely in want of a cool drive. You’ve bought new summer tyres, planned your itinerary in details, and packed your belonging…but you still aren’t ready enough to hit the road. Travelling by car in a trying heat requires much more More »

The Best Outdoor Adventures in California

Although states like Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Montana and Florida are hailed for their wide array of outdoor adventures, the massive state of California also has plenty to offer nature lovers.   From pristine mountain lakes and flourishing redwood forests to sunny beaches and sandy desert dunes, these are the best spots for outdoor exploration in More »

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Things for families to do in Las Vegas

For a family looking for a fun-filled vacation, Las Vegas can fit the bill. While it is well known for its casino games, Vegas has also grown up to include family activities to attract families. One tourist attraction within Las Vegas is the replicas of world landmarks which are free to visit. These would include the Pyramid and Sphinx at the Luxor. The Grand Canal and gondola rides are also a popular choice for families. The Statue of Liberty at New York New York is also a sight to behold.

For families with older children, there are various locations around the city that offer some exhilarating rides such as one would find in an amusement park. Circus Circus is the home of the Adventuredome Theme Park. Here, families can find many rides which provide for an action filled day. Two casinos also offer roller coasters for visitors. The Sahara features the Speed the Ride roller coaster for riders who measure at least 54” in height. Another roller coaster is found at New York New York. The Manhattan Express, like the Speed the Ride, also has a height requirement of 54”. The Stratosphere is home to three rides that are definitely to elicit some screams: Big Shot, X-Scream and Insanity.

Roller coaster at Sahara hotel and casino las vegas

When traveling with older children, parents often can find the time to enjoy some casino games while in Vegas. It doesn’t matter if they have experience playing in a land casino or simply an online casino like it is simple to enjoy a game. Even though it appears difficult, the game of roulette actually is not. This game often attracts a crowd which makes it easy to spend some time simply observing how the bets are place before actually cashing in for your own chips. A family Vegas vacation should include some casino gaming for mom and dad.