California Coast RV Road Trip

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Going to Orlando and its Parks

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Helsinki City Guide

Helsinki, recently awarded as ‘City of Design’ by UNESCO, is the capital of Finland. Unlike the Nordic winter, the temperature of this city is quite livable, and life continues throughout the year. It has four seasons, and the temperatures vary from 32 degrees in the summer and about -20 degrees in the winter. With the More »

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5 Romantic Spots to Propose in Europe

“Will you marry me?” It’s one of the most important questions you’ll ask in your lifetime, so you want to make sure you pick the right spot to pop it. Well in Europe there is no shortage of romantic spots to propose at that your partner will love and here you’ll find five of the best. 


No surprise that the City of Canals find its way onto this list, but it’s true that you’d have to do something really stupid to mess up a proposal in Venice.

Starting the evening off with a gondola ride, before a dinner at sunset may sound cliché, but it’s almost guaranteed to work out. After soaking up the sunset, take a walk along the narrow streets of Venice to the Accademia Bridge. This is perhaps Venice’s most impressive bridge and is the perfect spot to see the waters of the Grand Canal passing by and to ask that question.

The Eiffel Tower

There are few cities more suited to a wedding proposal than the City of Love – Paris! The French capital is full of lovely restaurants, breathtaking views and gorgeous walkways, making it another top spot to pop the question.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is, of course, the most obvious place to head to and it may seem unoriginal, but there’s a reason why the tower has been the location for so many proposals in the past and that’s because it’s the perfect spot. From the top of the tower you’ll be able to enjoy the best view of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. If you can find a more original Paris location, with a view to rival that from the tower, then well done to you. If not, then consider the Eiffel Tower your perfect Plan B.

Florence’s Piazzale Michelangelo

Florence is a city full of art and architecture on every corner, but is also not as busy and touristy as Venice or Paris. That makes a break in Florence a great idea for a quiet trip with your partner and just like in Venice and Paris, there is no shortage of great views.

Florence Italy at night

Perhaps the best view of Florence is the one from the Piazzale Michelangelo, a square above the city with stunning panoramic views of the Tuscan city. No matter when you visit the square you’ll see a view worthy of a postcard picture and that is why this should be on your list of places to consider getting down on one knee.


The Catalan city of Barcelona really does have it all. You could quite easily come up with a separate list of romantic places to propose in Barcelona alone! The only difficulty would be cutting it down to just five. From the beach to Tibidabo hill, which overlooks the whole city, there are many great spots to ask that question. The Catalan cuisine is among the finest in Europe so a meal at a top restaurant is bound to get your evening off to a great start before you head off to that perfect little corner of the city where you’ll ask the most important question of your trip.


You may not expect to see Dublin on a list of romantic places to propose, but the city is actually another great place to do so. Dublin is a charming city and although it has few major landmarks, and you can’t be guaranteed the sun necessary for a sunset, if the answer is “yes” then there are few better places to celebrate than in the Irish capital.

No matter where you propose in Dublin, whether in the street or a restaurant, the Irish will be as happy as you will be when the answer is “yes.” They’ll party with you both and any thoughts of a couple of minutes of privacy will go out the window as the Irish share your joy with you as you share a drink with them. A proposal in Dublin would certainly be one to remember. 

Italy in the Spring

Italy is a great country to visit, but too many people head to the famous cities of Rome, Venice and Florence in the height of summer. While you’re pretty much guaranteed hot and sunny weather at this time of year, it can be a bit much to do any proper sight seeing. Instead of getting the most out of all those amazing and culturally rich sites, you end up trailing around feeling exhausted and just counting down to the next gelato break. Added to this, you’ll be jostled by the crowds as the world and his wife decide to do the same trip at the same time. 

It can be much nicer to explore the treasures of Italian cities during the springtime, when although the weather may not be really hot, you are often treated to some beautiful sunshine when the rest of Europe is still fairly chilly. You can also benefit from many cheap late deals when you travel off-season.

The Pantheon

If you want to visit more than one of Italy’s great cities, then it makes sense to fly to Bologna and hire a car. Here, you’ve got easy access to Florence and Rome, and driving over to Venice isn’t too much of a stretch – though, to be fair, Venice has more than enough things to see and do to warrant a separate trip. In fact, you could say that of all the cities mentioned so far, including Bologna. It’s not so well-known on the tourist trail as the others – which adds to its appeal in some ways – but it’s a beautiful and historic university city.


It has plenty of varied attractions, including the Due Torri – Bologna’s architectural rival to the Leaning Tower of Pisa – which are relics of the medieval period. These two towers were built to defend the city and to impress citizens of other towns, and today stand at a crazy angle. There’s also the Basilica di San Petronio which is a great example of Gothic splendour and the fifth largest church in the world. As a change of pace, you might want to go and check out the Ducati motorbike museum too!

Italy is a wonderful country, packed with historical and cultural sites of interest. It’s perfect for visiting at any time of year.


Venice is sinking: See it while you can!

By Ahmed Ahmed

The Italian city of Venice has to be one of the world’s most famous treasures. It’s also one of the most endangered. Built on a foundation of boggy marshland, this beautiful city is slowly but surely descending into the lagoon it has occupied for centuries. It might be time to make your move. With Oh-Venice holiday apartments, you can enjoy your own piece of the Floating City before it melts away completely.

Ponte di Rialto

Venice has always been first and foremost a city of business. The Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge) is more than just a great photo-opportunity, it is a glimpse into Venice’s rich mercantile past. Here, for almost 800 years, merchants and money-lenders traded in gold from across Italy and beyond. If you want to do some commerce yourself, head into the market to pick up some Venetian souvenirs.

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy

The heart of Venice is the impressive Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square), from a visitor’s point of view at least. The square is flanked by the Doge’s Palace, the historical seat of Venice’s powerful dukes, which is well worth a visit. You’ll also find St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice’s sumptuous religious centre, and the famous campanile, or bell tower. Climb to the top for a breath-taking view of Venice and its islands.

The Ghetto

The Ghetto, Venice, Italy

Venice invented the ghetto. While today, the word refers to any ethnic concentration or deprived area, the Venetian ghetto was where the city’s Jewish population lived. Featured in Shakespeare’s classic play the Merchant of Venice as the home of Shylock and his daughter Rebecca, this fascinating area is still home to five synagogues. But avoid visiting late on Friday or on Saturday; the Sabbath means that most shops and restaurants are closed.

The Canali

il canali, Venice, Italy (2)

Could anyone but the Italians have built one of the most attractive cities in the world in the midst of a waterlogged marsh? The beauty and the transience of Venice go hand in hand. Experts agree that it is subsiding; the wooden foundations and mud banks that lie underneath its stunning architecture are giving way. Instead of trying to fight this, the Venetians instead seem bent on enjoying their watery city while it lasts. And you should do the same. No visit to Venice is complete without taking a ride in a gondola, one of the hundreds of romantic rowboats that negotiate the city’s many canals.