The most expensive destination clubs

When you’re a VIP jet setting around the world, it makes things easier when all travel arrangements are taken care of. Enter destination clubs.

For a few hundred thousand dollars as a deposit and acouple thousand in annual fees, membership in a destination club means access to luxury residences and opulent amenities worldwide. We take a look at the most expensive destination clubs, available to those power players out there who are looking to get hooked up around the globe.

Club: Abercrombie Kent

Initial Dues: $475,000

Annual Fee: $42,900

What’s Included:

– 60 nights in more than 100 countries

– Gourmet kitchens, spacious family living areas, fine furnishings

– Access to spas at exclusive resorts and preferred golf privileges at private courses

– More destinations than any other destination club

– Ownership and Management handled entirely by its members

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