The White Isle

The White Isle, also known as Ibiza, makes for a fantastic holiday destination for holidaymakers from all walks of life. Far from its image of nightclubs and DJs, Ibiza is not just an island for clubbers and party animals. Yes, the resorts of San Antonio and Ibiza Town are certainly crammed with clubbers during the summer months, but as for the rest of the island, it’s a different story. 

Famed for their family-friendly appeal, the Balearic Islands serve up a wide range of holiday retreats boasting a wonderfully warm summer climate and that classic holiday combo of sun, sea and sand. Whether you’re after a cheap holiday to Ibiza or an exclusive escape, there are plenty of choices on offer on the beautiful White Isle.

If you’ve got the kids in tow, try the low-key resort of Portinatx. Based in the far north of the island, this attractive little Ibizan town boasts a beautiful sheltered bay, flanked by rocky outcrops and boasting clear, shallow waters that makes it ideal for little paddling feet. There’s a smattering of hotels and entertainment venues here so, come nightfall, you can take the kids for some tasty Spanish cuisine or dine at your hotel for a more varied choice.

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If you’re after a cheap holiday to Ibiza, you’ll find a range of special offers and deals for resorts all over the island. Try a tour operator like Thomas Cook and search online for holiday discounts. This might come in the form of last-minute departures, or early bird deals on next summer’s departures. Booking early is a great way to save money because, not only can you benefit from early booking deals, you will also have longer to pay off the cost of your booking and enjoy extra time to save some spending money too. 

So whether you want a cheap holiday to Ibiza or a lavish summer retreat, the White Isle is the place to be.

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