Travel Globe — Challenge Unknown Lands

Challenge Unknown Lands

Do you wake up in the mornings and lie in your bed at nights with a dream to travel the globe? To visit all the places one can see; to learn tons of tiny peculiarities of every country and mainland; to listen to the songs of paradise birds? If you don`t know where to start or continue your travel globe, think about Antarctic.

 Travel Globe: Why Antarctic?

Why Antarctic can be a great place for travel globe? Well, probably, because there are only few braves who dared to go there; to the southern polar part of the globe, which includes parts of Antarctic and the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. The total area of ​​Antarctic is about 52 millions of square km. Do you know that in the Antarctic, there is the world’s largest cold desert, though here 70% of the world’s fresh water is concentrated? But all of it, of course, in a frozen state, is represented in the vast ice sheet. This view of your travel globe must become unforgettable, right?


What`s more, Antarctic is the most severe climatic region of the Earth, low-temperature performance, very strong winds, fog and snow storms. Nearby islands and the mainland have complete glaciations. Moreover, Antarctic is the only continent with no indigenous population; this is not surprising at all. Because of the unique natural environment of Antarctica and its surrounding area flora and fauna is distinguished by its diversity. On the mainland you can find mosses, lichens, small invertebrates, and even wingless insects, many species of birds, the most characteristic of them to this area, penguins and petrels. The ocean has become a habitat for some species of seals, penguins, whales, fin whales, killer whales and fish. That is very attractive for a travel globe, isn`t that? If you love beautiful black-n-white birds that cannot fly and enjoyed the Mr. Popper`s Penguins, you will have the opportunity to observe penguins in their natural environment, to walk on the crust of ice, contribute to polar research of this harsh continent. This travel globe will be the most extraordinary in your life!

Travel Globe: Antarctic is Reachable!

Many tourists believe that the travel globe to Antarctic is impossible and consider this continent to be inaccessible. But, in fact it is not so! Cruises in Antarctica appear to be most delightful, full of new experiences and opening new opportunities and unforgettable memories. Going on a travel globe as a cruise to Antarctic, you will not only sail, but also land the ground of the continent and nearby islands. Not long ago, Antarctic was considered the most inaccessible place on the planet. Only specialists, researchers and employees of the Arctic stations could come here, but now everyone can travel globe and see the southernmost continent, all who wanted to see the South Pole, can easily book a tour and go to the most incredible and extreme travel globe.

Travel Globe: Enjoy Your Antarctic!

If you are fond of extreme, travel globe to Antarctic will surprise you with an amazing diving adventure. However, every year the weather conditions become more unpredictable, so here in the first place is not having fun, but being careful. The maximum allowable depth of diving here is only 20 meters. But the combination of the sun’s rays with an ice plateau gives an unusually beautiful combination of constantly changing colors and shades. No matter how active will be your travel global to the wonderful lands of Antarctic; this will be an unbelievable time of your life!

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